Attention NAG subscribers: please don’t hate us

So there’s this thing known as the South African Post Office. You may have heard of it, seeing as how it’s our national postal service. Well, it’s not so much a service as it is a constant source of frustration for humans living on the southern tip of our fair continent. It’s also more often than not a daily punchline for the most horrible of jokes.

The latest reason to despise the SAPO involves postal workers striking and subscriber copies of NAG magazine not being delivered to our loyal subscribers on time as a result. Then again, this tends to happen even when the workers aren’t on strike. Weird that. Here’s a link, if you’d like to read more on the matter.

Idiocy-induced anguish aside, we’d like to extend our sincerest apologies to all those subscribers who’ve not yet received their June issue of NAG magazine. We’ve already gotten a number of explosive phone calls today, and we feel terrible.

On the plus side… well, there is no plus side really. Just a whole lot of sorry.