Indie showcase: Tasty Static

The older (and perhaps not-so-old) among you may remember a classic game called Skyroads which had you piloting a ship over an obstacle course in outer space. Tasty Static is a free game that takes inspiration from the original Skyroads while adding its own distinctive touches.

The game ditches the outer space theme and places you into an extremely bright and colourful cyberspace world ripped straight out of ’80s and early ’90s sensibilities, particularly movies such as Tron. The sound follows suit by featuring 8-bit style arcade effects and the music is an eclectic mix of ambient, electronic and even a bit of drum ‘n’ bass.


Tasty Static‘s courses feature crazy gimmicks such as bouncing pads, grinding rails, chutes, auto-acceleration strips and even gravity-reversal. Completing a certain number of courses will unlock bonuses and easter eggs such as changing the ship’s colours and allowing you to shoot lasers.

Be warned, though; the game’s difficulty levels range from “tolerable” to “outright insane”. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that some of the courses are nigh-impossible to complete. It’s great, though, if you don’t mind a lot of trial-and-error gameplay with frequent dying. If, however, you find yourself ready to smash the keyboard out of frustration, you can opt to create your own, much more merciful tracks with the built-in editor.


Drift this way to snag your copy. This time, Mac and even Linux users are in luck, in addition to the obligatory build for Windows.