Rumour: Microsoft readying Wii U GamePad App equivalent?

Website Kotaku has the skinny on an App that Microsoft is supposedly working on for iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. Dubbed the “Xbox LIVE Companion”, the app will allow gamers’ cell phones and tablet devices essentially to behave like a Wii U GamePad. The app was outed last week, but went by the codename “Smart Glass”.

Because the app will be handled by Microsoft, game developers will just need to apply elements of their games to the app itself and won’t need to worry about varying handheld hardware. How games implement this interconnectivity is rather open; it might turn your iPad into a map or inventory screen; it could turn your iPhone into a rear-view mirror for racing sims. The streamed content, Kotaku notes, might be tiered so that Xbox LIVE Gold members gain access to the fancier stuff.

All of this is hearsay for now, but we’ll probably have answers in, oh, the next few hours when Microsoft delivers their E3 presentation. I’m hoping it’s real; I’d love to have the Skyrim map open on my iPad while I navigate the world.

Source: Kotaku
Header: Penteliko News