5 minutes of excruciating Tomb Raider gameplay fresh out of E3

For those of you who missed Microsoft’s E3 presentation, one of the highlights was the five minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. After watching the game in action, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one screaming “WHY!” at the heavens after remembering that the game has been delayed until 2013.

Crystal Dynamics’ co-game director Daniel Bisson and the studio head Darrel Gallagher joined Microsoft on stage during last night’s Xbox 360 press event; they showed off the latest gameplay footage from Ms. Croft’s origin story.

The video is all live gameplay taken straight from the event, and it looks utterly glorious. Many people will scoff at the Uncharted-type elements on display, but don’t forget that Lara Croft was doing her thing before Nathan Drake was even a glint in Naughty Dog’s eye. Still, it’s interesting to see things going full-circle: Tomb Raider inspired Uncharted, and now Uncharted is inspiring the new Tomb Raider.


I’m really liking the whole “girl forced to survive insurmountable odds armed with only her bow and arrow” – it’s got that Hunger Games kind of charm to it. Next year’s Tomb Raider is going to be a gory, cinematic adventure, and I cannot wait to try it out.