South Park: The Stick of Truth finally gets a debut trailer

We’ve known about the South Park RPG for a while now. Obsidian is working on it, and they’ve done a few RPGs you might have heard of, including Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II.

The series’ creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, recently hopped up on stage during Microsoft’s E3 press event to reveal the South Park game’s first trailer. For the duo, the most important part of the game design was making sure that the RPG looked like an episode of South Park. They mentioned that that made up the bulk of Obsidian’s research and development: making the game look “crappy” like an episode of South Park.

It turns out that they’ve done a damn good job in ensuring the game looks like an episode of the TV series. Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and try and differentiate the gameplay from the cutscenes.


Parker and Stone also mentioned that the game design process forced them to sit down and think about how the town of South Park was laid out, which is something they’ve never done in the fifteen years that the show has been running. In a TV series it’s easy to just cut from one location to another, but in a game (especially an RPG like The Stick of Truth) you actually have to walk from location to location.