I won’t go into it too much – I love the idea of the Silencio series. There aren’t many chassis that focus on quiet computing in the way that Antec used to with their Sonata designs. Its such a rare thing that when it does happen, its usually on a high-end product that uses watercooling or passive heatsinks for the maximum benefit.










The Silencio 650 builds on the baby 450 with a taller design, an improved front panel and a few nifty design tips that further help keep the case’s smooth overall appearance. Hit the jump to see the other features. 

Like the earlier Silencio models, the 650 uses sound-deadening foam-filled panels decked out in black to lessen the sounds of the beast within. With rubber grommets and washers for the hard drives and excellent cable tidying options, its likely to be the best option for gamers and peeps who’d like something that looks sexy on their office desk.

Among the updates is a concealable air duct that sadly won’t work with the cover closed. Retracted, it allows a 120mm fan at the top to extract more heat. There’s also extra fan supports, with the option to stuff up to six into the chassis – by default, three are included for your convenience. The noise reduction foam has now been applied to the top of the chassis as well, and there’s also a basic fan controller on the front panel header. One of the biggest complaints of earlier Silencio models was that there was only space for two fans not including the PSU, so this is a huge upgrade.

Moving to the oft-mentioned front panel, it now has two native USB 3.0 ports, the previously mentioned fan controller switch and something I’ve always wanted in a chassis – a dual-boot switch. How it works remains to be seen, but it essentially allows you to choose which hard drive to boot off if you’ve got two with a separate OS installed on each. That’s value right there, especially for testers such as myself. Also standard is a SD card reader that can also read from microSD and MMC. There’s also one last thing about those USB 3.0 ports – they provide up to 1 Ampere of power, offering a faster charging option than USB2.0 for your tablets and smartphones.

Lastly, there’s a lot of room for expansion now, thanks to the slightly higher and longer chassis design. There’s a hot-swap bay in the front for 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives, eight PCI expansion slots, support for Ultra-long graphics cards with the removable top drive cage, support for up to seven storage drives and the watercooling support goes without saying.

All in all, I think its perfect. There’s literally no way I could want for anything more in a chassis like this. Cooler Master expects the Silencio 650 to go on sale at the end of this month at a RRP of €139.95 (approx R1500).

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