Computex 2012: Gigabyte’s SOC GTX680 is…ZOMFG must have!

You know that Gigabyte GTX680 that Neo reviewed in this month’s NAG? The one that has three fans, yeah. Its basically the best GTX680 you could buy right now but Gigabyte has decided that isn’t enough. The Super Overclock is enjoying some attention at Computex 2012 and it deserves yours, too.

Yeah, I thought it would. Hit the jump for the graphical goodness – this thing is insane, even for Gigabyte. If this is any indication of what they’re planning for the GTX690, I bow in humble servitude to the Taiwanese giant. They have outdone themselves.

Its started off as a regular GTX680. Gigabyte added extra power phases, removed overclocking limits, tweaked the design and laid out some new power circuitry and made the card with the heatsink so large and heavy that you need to hold it with both hands. Its more mad than ASUS’ Ares GTX680 this year (which you’ll see later) and I’m not even sure if enthusiasts will be intimidated by the size of this beaty.

The card ships with a triple slot cooler with nine heapipes cooling the GPU core and the VRM. There’s a vapour chamber in the middle of the heatsink that cools down from right-to-left. The card is a bit longer than the reference design, but by how much is not known. It only requires one 6-pin and one 8-pin PCI-Express power connector but Gigabyte says its working on allowing a higher TDP than the reference GTX680. There’s dual BIOS as standard and there’s no limit to the GPU boost levels. If there’s spare power, it’ll ramp right up as far as you’d be able to go. But how do you cool down this beast?

Five tiny 2000RPM fans force air downwards with a huge, unconfirmed CFM ratio of 93.5. Three of the fans spin down in idle scenarios, with all five running at full blast when the card is stretching its extremely long legs. Just how far will this thing go? I have no idea. I just know that according to a post here on Legit Reviews, it ships with a default core clock of 1137Mhz, a boost speed of 1202Mhz, 2GB of DDR5 RAM sitting at 6400Mhz and an 8-phase VRM for extreme overclocks.

How far could it go, you ask again? I think we could expect low-end overclocks at 1.3Ghz, let alone the kinds of things people with voltage mods and LN2 could reach. At full tilt the card ducks under 60° C, which is an astounding drop from even the third-party coolers. The price? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

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