Computex 2012: Razer’s Taipan makes lefties jump for joy

While Razer’s on the drawing board for the left-handed Naga, it has released the successor to the Lachesis to the screams of gamers everywhere. The Taipan was shown off at E3 and Computex and has garnered a few thousand Likes already on Razer’s Facebook page.

The Taipan features a 8200DPI count, composed from two 4100DPI lasers in different colours for what Razer calls their “4G Dual Sensor System.” How well it works remains to be seen, but the Taipan starts off its life with a very nondescript design – its not too flashy but has all the kit any gamer will need. Taking cues from the popular Kone+, it only has two side buttons, but those are replicated on both sides for lefty gamers. All the keys can be used regardless, so you’d better get exercising those pinkies. 









The Taipan also introduces Razer Synapse 2.0. The original Synapse software was under-utilised but makes a comeback with the Taipan. Using your Synapse account, you can replace your mouse settings to any Taipan mouse you play with. You could set up the mouse at the office and have those saved in the cloud for replication at home. Got the perfect LAN setup? Take your mouse to the competition, plug it in and download the settings from the net. It couldn’t be easier.

Razer says the mouse will be available in July at a price of $79.99 (approx R700) worldwide with a three year warranty.

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