While a lot of game publishers and dev teams have been hard at work on the E3 floor to showcase their products, a few people may or may not have missed the Nvidia announcement happening somewhere at the event (I wouldn’t know where because I’m not there). Judging by what the company is doing to help Tegra 3 developers, its an astonishing achievement to even see how these titles handle on the tablet platforms.

These five new titles form part of Nvidia’s TegraZone market that is available on the Android app store, and features a number of Tegra-optimised games that have been tweaked with the help of the graphics company. Hit the jump to find out more about them. 

First up is Dead Trigger. DT is made by Madfinger Games which has already had two successful titles, Shadowgun and Samurai II, under their belt and selling in good numbers on TegraZone. While these games are available to play on non-Tegra tablets, they won’t have some of the special features and customisations TegraZone-approved titles do. Dead Trigger is set i a post-apocalyptic Zombie-filled universe where the goal is to survive and help get you and whoever partners with you out to safety (or something along those lines). I could tell you more about the story, but basically its a Dead Rising clone that ends up being far better than Dead Rising.


If you’re more technically interested in the improvements to the game itself, running it on a Tegra 3 device enables specular lighting, shimmering water effects along with smoke and particle simulators that use the CUDA-like cores in Tegra 3 to calculate all the required geometry. Considering how well this game runs, its not unthinkable that tablets and mobile solutions could catch up with the PC where 720p gaming is concerned. It won’t run Crysis, no, but its not such a far stretch to make the game work for the platform. Face it guys, gaming on tablets is a big thing now. Go grab your ASUS Transformer Prime!


Next up is Puddle, a LocoRoco-like balancing simulator where titles and angles of the tablet or smartphone you’re playing are required to move blobs of liquid through a myriad of mazes and puzzles. It was previously a best-seller Indie title for the Xbox and PS3 and uses the CUDA cores to simulate physics rather accurately. Its…strangely attracting. I found myself watching the video more than twice thanks to all the pretty colours. Oh and one other things – these games are all running at full 1080p resolution. Yes, you’re reading that right. 1080p. Well, at least on tablets, probably 720p on smartphones with 4-inch and larger screens. Still, extremely impressive visuals.


Moving on through the lineup, Demon’s Score bridges both music games and first-person-shooters. You play the rhythm-based game by tapping buttons on the music bar in the center of your screen while the game uses the music to get you in the mood to frag some…er…notes! The Tegra 3 version improved graphics by enabling high resolution textures (1080p for tablets like the Transformer Prime), bloom and HDR along with dynamic shadows and depth-of-field effects. It looks quirky, but fantastic.


Bounty Arms wins hands-down for the most impressive visuals I’ve seen from a Tegra 3-based game. Its a side-scrolling action game that plays a lot like Metal Slug (which everyone has to play at least once) and adds in features like co-op and achievements. As I mentioned, the graphics are superb and look like something you’d be playing on a PS3-SEN or XBL title.  Or on a Vita. Man, I want a tablet now :-(((


The last title, Heroes Call, is a RPG where you play (you guessed it!) a hero. Doing whatever is it heroes do (I was told it was slaying dragons and trying to bed maidens with chastity belts), the game plays just like most RPGs you’ve played before and promises a compelling storyline and lots of weapons. The Tegra 3 version enjoys higher resolution textures, specular maps on weapons and armour and also feature Physx-assisted interactions with objects like rocks and water.


All the games should be available on the Google Play store before the month is out and should also be available in the TegraZone ready for you to buy and play! Who wants a tablet now?

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