Naughty Dog’s new IP turned some heads when it was unveiled back in December 2011, and it’s done it again at this year’s E3. Here we have the first showing of actual gameplay. The PlayStation 3 exclusive is looking amazing; somewhat familiar (as it has Uncharted mechanics lathered all over it) but amazing nonetheless.

In the gameplay clip, Joel and Ellie are trying to reach a bridge, but in order to get there they need to navigate a flooded street and detour through the remnants of a fancy building. Unfortunately for the duo, there’s a mob of your typical post-apocalypse jackasses standing in their way.

What follows is a heady mix of stealth and visceral violence as Joel fights to get himself and Ellie through the building. Uncharted was rather violent in a 90s adventure film kind of way, but The Last of Us is heading into some really brutal territory. You’ll also see a glimpse of an inventory system and scavenged items being combined in order to survive. Hit the jump.


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