Epic Games has revealed an incredible clip demoing its new Unreal Engine 4 – think Blizzard cut-scene quality, only being rendered in real-time. Yes, it’s unbelievably amazing.

The clip was debuted on Spike’s GTTV, where Epic’s president Mike Capps revealed that his company is currently working on a few games built on this engine. Apparently, this demo clip was rendered on a “personal computer” with only one graphics card.

Epic’s previous iteration of the Unreal Engine powers a huge amount of contemporary console and PC games. Here’s hoping this next version is as popular because, well, just look at this thing! Between Unreal Engine 4 and Square Enix’s Luminous Studio engine, the next generation (or current PC generation!) of video games are going to look… epic. Hnnnnggh, I went there.


Via: Kotaku

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