Computex 2012: Cooler Master shows off new products

Tom’s Hardware made a turn by the Cooler Master booth at Computex and found two new coolers that could head our way before the end of July. Not content to let Antec and Corsair take back the crown for high-end cooling solutions, the chassis manufacturer has created two new contenders: a high-end, closed loop watercooling setup and a new high-performance air cooler.

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First up is the two watercooling units, codenamed Eisberg. The units use the same copper conductor, hoses and cabling, but come with two different radiator sizes. The Eisberg 240 features two 120mm fans with a maximum rotational speed of 1600rpm. Both fans can be speed-controlled through a fan controller or the motherboard’s BIOS settings using the 4-pin CPU fan header. The Eisberg 120 features one 120mm fan and a half-size radiator and both models support the full gamut of sockets from Intel and AMD.

Its rather interesting that the base is a solid copper one. This opens the cooling unit to options such as lapping and smoothing over for better heat transfer, a welcome feature for enthusiasts looking to get the most out of the block. Since Cooler Master chose to use standard hose sizes from the looks of things, just about any block could be compatible with the unit. Perhaps, even, one thats made for a GPU?

The TPC 612, shown above, is a mixture of design cues from the Hyper series and Cooler Master’s V8 designs. The cooler only allows for a single 120mm fan but uses a combination of a flat vapour chamber, four nickel-plated copper pipes and lots of alloy fins to dissipate the heat. Price points for these two newcomers hasn’t been set, although the TPC might be delayed for a later release in August. I’d expect the TPC 612 to retail for around $60 (approx R500).

There are other products in the pipeline, namely the ALU series and the new V8GT-VC-X. The ALU series is the lower-cost sibling to the Eisberg family and features a flatter radiator, whereas the new V8 will feature a large, square vapour chamber with eight heatpipes and probably a push-pull configuration of 140mm fans.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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