Let’s learn more about Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs! It practically owned E3 this year; if you haven’t seen it in action then fix that ghastly oversight by going here.

Website Rock, Paper, Shotgun managed to corner Dominic Guay, who is the game’s producer. Using the power of Interview Questions (does +10 to Journalistic Integrity and +4 to Scoop Acquisition), the good folks from RPS managed to squeezed some further details on Ubisoft’s hacker game.

You’ll be playing as a character called Pierce who Ubisoft has deliberately made a “gray” area kind of guy, which kind of fits with the whole vigilante vibe given off in the gameplay trailer. Also seen in the trailer was Pierce’s ability to hack anything that stood still for long enough. This, Guay said, is an ability that the player will develop throughout the course of the game. You won’t start off being able to cause the kind of chaos that was shown (Ubisoft was demoing “a late game moment”) so we can expect some skill unlocks and tech upgrades as the game progresses.

The game is most definitely an open-world action adventure, but Ubisoft is emphasising multiple ways of tackling missions. It does really sound like a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Deus Ex. Guay used the art exhibit mission (shown in the reveal clip) as an example of the various approaches to missions. In the clip that was shown, Pierce hacked the bouncer’s phone, killing the signal. Thinking his reception was playing up, the bouncer moved away from his post to try to get better reception in the open street. This allowed Pierce to slip in the front door. Guay said that another player might have decided to utilise stealth rather than sabotage, and sneak in through a back door. Alternatively, the more gung-ho player might have just decided to shoot up the entrance and barge in.

Ubisoft is remaining tight-lipped about why Pierce has embarked on this vigilante mission of his. Suffice it to say, however, Pierce believes the system is corrupt, and this corruption has resulted in the people that he loves getting hurt. Naturally, he wants to stick it to the man!

Multiplayer will be part of the fun, but Ubisoft is going for something a little more unique than the staple of “a great [single-player] adventure on one side, and then a lobby and a deathmatch and an arena on the other.” Exactly what they have planned is still under wraps, but they did show a second player joining another player’s world in order to defend the main character Pierce. Perhaps you’ll be able to message friends in real-time, who can then hop into your game to lend a hand, before heading back to their own game?

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun