And more ASUS AMD motherboards to look at! (sigh)

ASUS has been on a roll at Computex with more announcements than I can keep up with and there are still a handful of motherboards to get through before I move on. The two boards you see below are Trinity socket FM2 motherboards. FM2 is different from socket FM1 and no processors can be brought over onto the newer hardware (sorry for the quad-core APU buyers, guess that’s the territory that goes with being a first adopter).












While the boards aren’t going to win shoot-outs with higher-end products anytime soon, the F2A85-M LE and the F2A85-M are going to be great budget choices for single or dual-GPU setups. They are both eATX designs and feature enough SATA ports to make any cash-strapped enthusiast happy. In particular, the F2A85-M would be my personal choice thanks to the rotated SATA ports, allowing you to use two graphics cards with as big a cooler as you desire without them getting in the way of anything else. Hit the jump for the full system specs.

 What’s really going to be interesting is the inclusion of Lucid Logix Virtu MVP in the A85 chipset. Currently the hardware allows for PCs and laptops to switch between the integrated GPU on the processor and the discrete chip that’s used for media and games that require more beef to run smoothly.

The other flipside to MVP is the Virtu Universal software. It uses the built-in GPU alongside the discrete card to eliminate tearing and help keep V-Sync working at a smooth 60fps. Nvidia took to their own solution with Kepler, using a combination of GPU boost and Adaptive V-Sync to eliminate tearing and frame drops. In reality, it might conflict with Virtu which is why I believe a number of GTX680 owners are having issues with their updated drivers if they’re running a Z77-based setup.

Both boards also support up to 32GB DDR-2400Mhz RAM, suggesting that both might be excellent overclockers in their own right if they can get speeds up that high and that cheap 8GB DIMMs are on their way. The A85 chipset is the highest APU-bound SKU, so its bound to have some hidden talents that brave souls may set out to discover.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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