The assortment of Silverstone chassis available on our shores is a bit boring, if I’m honest. They don’t look spectacular and don’t feature great cable management. The only one that is a possibly good buy is the Precision Series 04 and in the segment it’s fighting in its a very well built chassis compared to other brands. But the company is looking to get things back into gear and has started aiming for the high-end market again, possibly with just more than America and Europe in mind.

Before you lies the Raven 4, a very high-end chassis that harks back to Aerocool’s rather good Masstige chassis by flipping the motherboard 180 degrees. The PSU sits in a compartmentalised part of the chassis all on its own and there’s enough cable management to make any clean fanatic happy. Its predecessor, the Raven 03, rotated the motherboard 90 degrees and put all the cables at the top of the chassis, using physics to keep things cooler than the competition.

Silverstone tweaked the Raven 04 by putting two huge 140mm fans in the front, removing the fan grille at the back for extra airflow and fashioning new dust filters for the case as well. The Raven 04 is almost entirely made of plastic but the FT04 will be milled out of Aluminium. Both chassis will be available just before Christmas with the Raven 04 priced at roughly $130 (approx R1100) and the FT04 is going for around $190 (approx R1600).

Also on Silverstone’s floor was the Sugo SG-09, a mini-ITX desktop chassis that improves the already good SG-08 even further. What’s really going to blow your socks off is the fat that the chassis manages to fit in a micro ATX board and a full-length AMD Radeon HD7970, along with a standard ATX PSU. The chassis only allows for the use of 2.5″ drives but that shouldn’t be a problem for enthusiasts willing to devote some time to drilling extra holes into the floor for extra hard drives.





The top of the chassis is dwarfed by a 140mm fan and even manages to fit in a 120mm unit as well, with space for two more. Its really a marvelous feat of engineering and should be one of the go-to brands for enthusiasts looking for a compact system that they can take with to a LAN.

Pricing and availability of the Sugo SG-09 isn’t set, but expect it to hit just before the Raven 04. Maybe we’ll get it on the market as well? Cross your fingers!

Source: Tom’s Hardware, Kitguru

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