A new Angry Birds for consoles from Activision?

Its quite possible that Rovio’s epic adventure using birds to smash down towers made by fat little piggies may be making its way onto consoles, but this time not as a port. Apparently, at the Activision booth during E3 there was a teaser reel in a loop that shows one of the flightless birds hiding in plain sight. Some people speculated what that might mean and Activision has gone on record to confirm that studio will be launching on the Xbox Live and Sony Entertainment Network with a made-for-consoles HD version.

A spokesperson for Activision further said; “We’ll have some news for you in about two weeks, wait until you see Angry Birds on consoles in HD.”

Note that while the game is currently on SEN and XBL, this new version might take the birds to a whole new level using features like Kinect or Sony’s Sixaxis technology to make things more interesting. Currently the game is sold in various app markets for tablets, mobile phones, consoles and desktop computers, with the paid-for versions doing away with advertising banners on the top or side of the screen.

What this also might mean for Rovio is uncertain. Perhaps Activision is buying the studio and wants to keep the best-selling title under its wing? Who knows, but I’ll report back on this when the official announcement is made.

Angry Birds currently sits as the most-downloaded title on more than one app store with the latest version, Space, passing the 100 million mark after just two weeks. Clearly, this is what we’ve all wanted since Worms died and left us without time-busting games to play.

Source: Games Industry

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