Usually, one doesn’t associate ECS with a brand of any kind of good quality – mostly because you’ve never met people who actually own one. Both my graphics card and my board are ECS-branded and have been running like champs for the best part of two years. So when the company announced a completely new direction, I had to find out what that was, exactly. Turns out, the company has decided to bring back the Black series in full force with the help of a little Gold.

Starting off with their GTX680, the Black moniker is reserved for components that are usually certified for overclocking and high-end performance. The GTX680 Black starts off with a rather sexy black and gold colour theme with a bilateral blower setup, a large heatsink and five copper pipes cooling down the GPU, the RAM and VRMs all together. The board also features two Dual-link DVI ports, a full-sized HDMI-out and Displayport (in other words, its a reference board).  Availability wasn’t discussed at the tradeshow, but you can bet it should hit our shores in a month or two’s  time. Hit the jump for their matching motherboard. 

Again with the black-and-gold theme, the Z77 Black Extreme Golden Limited Edition is ECS’ new family of high-end motherboards. The Z77H2-A2X and the Z77H2-AX both fall in here and will feature the same massive copper heatsink decked out in gold trim and a very nice black PCB. All the heatsinks share the same colour as do the capacitors and the rear I/O  panel metal shrouds. One of the benefits of ECS’ Black series is that all their components have undergone stress testing in extreme conditions – think running in 50° temperatures for hours, sometimes overclocked.

Both boards will offer PCI-Express 2.0 slots with support for dual or triple-SLI or Crossfire setups. Also included in both boards are six SATA slots, an mSATA slot on the lower left, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.0, six USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit LAN and what looks like a similar feature to Gigabyte’s On/Off USB charging mode. If you’re wondering, yes – you have seen this board before. It was previously in our Win an ECS Motherboard Competition and was also reviewed by Neo in the June issue of NAG Magazine. Pick it up if you haven’t already!

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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