Logitech’s G600 aims for Razer’s Naga MMO crown

Razer’s Naga is a bit of a weird one. On the one hand (just the right one for now), its a brilliant mouse on its own. On the other, those sixteen side-buttons may not be for everyone to play with and would only suit MMOs that use a lot of keys for spellcasting and other actions that need to be accessed quickly. For more than a year the Naga fufilled that purpose for MMO gamers but now Logitech has decided it needs a piece of that pie too, especially with Diablo III in the mix. So behold their latest creation, the G600.

 The G600 sits comfortably square with the Naga, featuring up to twenty customisable “G” buttons that you can configure in Logitech’s Setpoint software. Things like key combinations, macros and timed recordings of certain actions are all possible with Logitech’s software which arguably makes it worth the consideration over the Naga.

But where its superior  to the Naga is definitely in the customisation options available. The backlit keys on the right of the mouse can be colour-coded individually and can even change colour according to the profile you’re using in Setpoint – so red for gaming, blue for browsing, purple for office work? You can choose between any 16 million colours available through a colour palette that Logitech says will be included in the software shipped with the mouse. The lights can additionally glow, pulsate, cycle between your favourite colours or they can dim while the mouse (and you) are idle.

In particular, Logitech partnered with Rift developers Trion Worlds, to design and sculpt the mouse for comfort and ease of use. “This Logitech mouse is one of the best out there – and not just because they incorporated our feedback into the design,” said Hal Hanlin, Rift producer. “There are so many abilities to keep track of in Rift, the difference between defeating a zone event or winding up at the graveyard can come down to seconds. Having all those G-Keys at your fingertips gives you an advantage.”

Logitech pegs the G600 for availability worldwide beginning in July with a RRP of $79.99 (approx R680). The new Naga-usurper will also come in a brilliant white colour. Logitech is also expected to create several limited edition models in different colours and vinyls for different MMO games. Looking for a new mouse? This just might be your ticket to winning a tournament or a few matches with your friends at rAge!

Source: TechpowerUp!

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