I’ve always has an issue with CPU coolers that are either too large, too expensive or too low on the RAM side to make things work the way you want to. Often buyers have to compromise on performance and features just to make their cooler work in their chassis. Prolimatech looks like it has at least one design I might like that’s more functional than most you’ll find out there.

The Black Genesis features twelve copper heatsink pipes coated with aluminium to aid in the heat transfer. Those pipes are fed to two cooling fin arrangements that allow up to two fans to be fitted for a push/pull setup as well as extra airflow for your RAM modules. Hit the jump for more pictures as well as the rest of the details. 

Originally, the Genesis wasn’t very well received because on the LGA775 and LGA1366 sockets you were limited by motherboard compatibility – some of the VRM heatsinks and surrounds were just too tall or in the way. In addition, the sheer size of the cooler meant that some chassis that weren’t long enough wouldn’t fit in nicely – so you’d be pairing this off with a higher-end Mid-tower anyway. It looks like Prolimatech raised the height of the fin arrangement a bit on the RAM side, allowing anything from low-profile DIMMs all the way to Corsair’s Dominator RAM to just fit under the second heatsink – those VRM issues are also a thing of the past because both Z77 and X79 boards that we’ve seen lately use smaller heatsinks. The black coat doesn’t do much for the heat transfer but does make it look way better.

Another difference is the copper contact block looks even smoother than the previous model. Perhaps Prolimatech’s lab monkeys learnt that a lot of enthusiasts have taken to trying out the process of lapping the surface of their processor’s heatsink to drop temperatures down even further. They’ve also replaced the old mounting system that they used to have with better mounting screws and a stronger backplate. The bracket is also redesigned (though this isn’t shown) and uses the new screws to put more pressure onto the CPU.

If you’re in the market for a new cooler that you don’t need rising from your board like the Dark Tower, the Black Genesis is compatible with all the modern sockets you can think of and also ships with a free tube of Prolimatech’s thermal paste. Its on pre-order in Europe for £59.90 (approx R800) if you’d like to import one and be different to the masses of sexy gamers that will be showing up at rAge this year. Otherwise, just buy Antec’s Kuhler 620 already (its better anyway).

Source: TechpowerUp!, Hardware Canucks Review (old version)

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