Zotac has a tiny GTX670 to offer, will you please take two?

When I first had a look at Nvidia’s Geforce GTX670, it was undoubtably the value-orientated choice for gamers and enthusiasts alike. Performing within a hair’s breadth to the GTX680, it looks like disabling those shaders on the card didn’t drive performance down that much. In addition, the card is more overclockable and I’ve already seen air cooling efforts drive a 1350Mhz overclock. The card is insane value for money, causing AMD to lower prices for the Radeon HD7950 to around R4500 just to make their card attractive.

Zotac has now decided that we’ve had enough of that oversized 11-inch reference cooler and has shoved on a new design that also brings the card down in size by 6cm.  It is tiny, isn’t it? Details after the break. 

The GTX670 Twincooler uses two PWM-controlled fans measuring 80mm in diameter to cool down the diminutive performer. There’s the standard Dual-link DVI ports and HDMI as well as Displayport for connecting to a multi-monitor configuration (up to four screens off one tiny card) and it also supports audio standards such as DTS-Passthru and Lossless Audio. The card is a reference design with higher clock speeds of 954Mhz Core, 1033Mhz for the boosted core and 6208Mhz for the 2GB DDR5 RAM chips. It still draws power from two 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors but don’t let that put you off – it outperforms the HD7870 by a huge margin while using less power to boot.

The model for the new card is ZTGTX670-2GD5TCR001/ZT-60305-10P and Zotac expects general availability by the 20th of this month. The price? The cheapest cards are retailing for around R4400 right now so this might duck under that line – but don’t take my word for it. If you’re stuck on space, especially in a ITX chassis and need something with serious graphical chops, this is your best bet so far. Expect other third-party manufacturers to also come out with shortened versions of the card around July as well. I’m also hearing hints of a single-slot design, so there are bound to be plenty of options for gamers and myself in the next System Builder’s Guide in August.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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