I showed you guys the hugely impressive Retina display-packing Apple Macbook Pro 15″ last week. The fact that it packs a 2880 x 1800 IPS panel alone makes it an impressive effort by Apple’s hardware dev team and the software in OS X appears to scale things properly and beautifully. Anandtech used their MBP to run the Windows 8 Release Preview to see how things would look on the same screen.

Magnifying glasses are cheap these days, just so you know…

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Anand initially had issues with driver support and Nvidia’s graphics drivers not currently available for Windows 8. Things sorted themselves out regardless and Windows 8 on the massive display is something to behold. What is possible is that Microsoft could still change a few of the DPI scaling settings, allowing the use of screens like this in the future ( I did that actually mentioned screens like these). In retrospect the Retina Macbook Pro isn’t actually that much of a surprise – I expected something of the sort considering how much press Apple feeds into the term when describing its New iPad and the iPhone 4/4s. Windows running on such a screen would look a lot more clear and crisp, but it consequently requires more juice to run. I think that Microsoft’s Windows 8 won’t actually use the same sort of super-sampling like Apple does – Windows 7 looks very good with default DPI settings up to 2560 x 1440 resolution and doesn’t need much tweaking to feel more comfortable. Photoshop users, designers and CAD architects will surely rejoice at the thought of a screen like this in a 27″ form factor – in fact, that’s probably what Apple’s refresh of the Thunderbolt-packing Cinema 27″ display will achieve later next year.

But while OS X benefits from the clarity, Metro in Windows 8 will benefit hugely from the extra space to render in because Metro relies on large, easy-to-read type font that fills up your screen with information. I’m looking forward to reviewing that laptop/desktop/screen when it lands (if I can ever touch it). Oh and there will be a 27″ Retina-packing iMac as well this year. Just warning you, don’t be surprised when it lands. You knew it was coming anyway.

Also, those 6400DPI mice you guys and girls play with? Yeah, they’re finally going to be rather useful at their maximum settings on the desktop. Tracking such a large display with a lowly 800DPI unit will be a terrible experience indeed.


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