Computex 2012 saw a good number of Taiwanese companies showcasing their new products for their respective specialised markets, with a few othera branching out into new areas to increase their market share. ASUS was one of the biggest names doing just about everything you can imagine, but there was another, lesser-known brand also trying to gain some time  in the spotlight. And it wasn’t Aisan at all – it was German.

A lot of you might have been confused when you first saw the Cougar brand in stores online over two years ago. Reviews were scarce and there generally wasn’t much to go on other than the price, the listed features and the fact that most of their power supplies were 80 Plus rated. Brave souls who bought them direct from Pinnacle were pleasantly surprised – its like being recommended to buy a Hyundai Getz and finding that its actually quite a good car for its price. The company also makes computer chassis and a number of fantastic-looking cooling solutions and I’m really looking forward to the day when we can actually buy them without looking around for hours without getting hit on by real, actual cougars. 

At the Cougar booth this year it was voorsprung durch technic as usual for the Germans, showing off a new line of mechanical keyboards that might find their way onto your wishlist this year. Cougar’s ATTACK was in a nice display case showing the same keyboard with LED backlighting in three different colours – white, blue and red. The keyboards use Cherry Red MX mechanical switches and are part of Cougar’s premium gaming lineup that it will start selling in Europe.

What makes it special is that each key is individually backlit and, just like Alienware, every key can have its own colour to choose from, allowing you to customise your gaming setup and switching colour schemes based on that game or app you’re using. The ATTACK also has a key disable option, allowing you to set which keys you’ll be using in-game and disabling the ones you won’t. Its a fantastic idea, honestly. It can also disable the Windows key, shortcuts like ALT+TAB and that annoying SHIFT stickykey shortcut. There are also eight macro keys with a on-the-fly record function just like Logitech’s. There’s also some basic onboard audio controls to flesh out what could be the only possible upgrade from my G11.

The keyboards also feature gold-plated USB connectors with a detachable braided cable and rubber feet. Check out the video below to see what was at their booth and also their new power supply, the Cougar PTX. Its an 80Plus Platinum power supply with 94% efficiency, achieving a standard so highly demanding that most manufacturers don’t even think beyond achieving a 80 Plus Gold rating because its much harder to get to the next level than you’d assume.


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