Rage DLC incoming – probably… maybe… pretty much totally

Website super-sleuth Siliconera has dredged up a PEGI rating for something called Rage: The Scorchers. Other than listing platforms (PC and both consoles) and providing an age restriction of 18+ there’s little more to go on.

But who needs details, because this is so obviously un-announced DLC for last year’s Rage. During the game’s development, one of the six bandit groups was cut from the game; that bandit group was called the Scorchers. Obviously Bethesda and id decided to cut the Scorchers because of time constraints and not because they planned to add them as DLC later on – obviously.

Interestingly, the PEGI rating was filed on 14 June 2012, so this is definitely new stuff and not some old rating that was only recently discovered. The rating also says that “this game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE”. So, more co-op multiplayer content, or single-player story content? Who knows, but expect an official announcement in the coming days now that the post-apocalyptic cat’s out the bag. Look at him, with his mutated fifth paw growing out his butt. Adorable!

Source: Siliconera