Well now this is excellent news, because having this development team’s games tied to one platform is borderline criminal. The team behind very artsy, very intriguing and very unique titles like flOw, Flower and the more recent Journey, has ended its three year publishing contract with Sony Computer Entertainment, and has officially become an indie developer.

Speaking to Wired, co-founder of thatgamecompany Jenova Chen said that they’re targeting “a mass audience” for their next game. When the guy says “mass audience” however, think “like a Pixar movie” kind of size of appeal. Ambitious!

Thanks to the massive success of Journey (the download only PSN exclusive became the fastest selling title in the PlayStation 3’s history) thatgamecompany has managed to acquire more than $5 million in funding for their next game.

Chen and his company will be able to make the most of their newfound freedom with their next game. While thatgamecompany enjoyed working with Sony, the publishing details meant that there were certain limitations to how creative the team could be.

Their next project is still very hush-hush, but it will explore similar themes to those in Journey – online human interaction. The good news is that it’ll be hitting as many platforms as possible. Here’s hoping they don’t go the Facebook route.

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner and you’ve yet to check out thatgamecomnpany’s offerings, you really owe it to your more open-minded self to give them a whirl. We recently took another look at their first Sony-published game, flOw, which you can read about here.

Source: Wired
Via: Games Industry International

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