Enermax had two new chassis at Computex

Enermax has been known for its lineup of brilliant PSUs (I recall a Liberty 650w being a favourite in the NAG magazine about a year or so back) and has created a nice expansion to their current lineup of chassis to choose from – you can also only choose them if you live anywhere that trades nicely with the Dollar, doesn’t have guerrillas and isn’t called South Africa. (for now)

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The two chassis are sold under separate brands. The blue one is sold under the Enermax brand with the model number ECA3260 while the red one is to be sold under their separate brand, Ostrog, as the ECA3270. Internally both chassis are similar but have two different aims – the blue Enermax has vented front drive covers for more airflow, while the red Ostrog variant has enough space internally for up to eight hard drives. Most higher-end chassis suffer from drive-space anemia, which is a widespread condition where chassis manufacturers tend to disagree that gamers and general computer users aren’t media hoarders and therefore limit drive bay space intentionally. The only known cure to this very irritating condition is to buy a bigger chassis. And more hard drives.






Price points and the names the chassis will be sold as haven’t yet been finalised, but Enermax hopes to get them into retail stores in time to catch the early Christmas season buyers. Both chassis also feature vented side panels with space for a single 240mm fan or, presumably, four 120mm chassis fans. Both ship with two 120mm Enermax Vegas fans in the front as well as a large 200mm fan on the top of the chassis. PSUs are bottom-mounted and there’s also space at the bottom for another 120mm fan. From here it looks like one of the drive cages is removable, there’s a tray for small things on the Ostrog and at least one front-panel USB 3.0 port.

Also at the Enermax stand was their new Triathlor power supply family. The new models are semi-modular and will be available in a variety of wattage ratings under 1000w. The family is also 80 Plus Bronze compliant, promising up to 85% efficiency at load levels up to 75% capacity. All use a 135mm fan and will come with a three-year warranty.

And finally, the company is also the latest in a new flurry of Computex reveals to enter into the watercooling segment, currently dominated by Antec and Corsair with their zero-maintenance, closed-loop units. The ELC120 and ELC240 are both CPU cooling units, with the ELC120 looking to take the fight to Corsair’s Hydro H-60 while the ELC240 plans to have a dig at the Hydro H-1000 with a dual-fan 240mm radiator. Pricing and availability isn’t set and I expect Enermax will wait until the product is ready for release to announce anything further.

Source: TechpowerUp!, Legit Reviews

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