Indie showcase: Flip’d

If VVVVVV and Portal mated, Flip’d would be the result. Presented in a first-person perspective but taking a cue from Terry Cavanagh’s hit title, there is no “jump” function in the game; instead, you are required to navigate the levels by reversing the gravity. However, the amount of reversals allowed is artificially limited, being dictated by the number of small cubes you are able to collect. Encountering water always proves fatal and sometimes flips must be performed in mid-air with precise timing.

Aesthetically, the game is obviously influenced by the desolate corridors that constitute the Aperture labs that we’re all familiar with. [Also, the Mirror’s Edge is strong in this one. – Ed] It’s beautifully rendered in Unity with bright, vivid colours and runs smoothly in any browser, although the lack of a full-screen option is definitely annoying. The soundtrack is extremely minimal ambient which sets the tone perfectly.

Be warned: the difficulty level is quite high, and takes a considerable spike from the second level onwards. Performing flips in the third dimension can be very disorientating and requires a bit of practice to perfect. It seems to be in compensation for the game’s rather short length; the whole title was created in seven days as part of a competition. Nonetheless, it’s an enjoyable experience and is a superb example of just how developed a browser game can truly be. Also, be on the lookout for the Portal and VVVVVV-related easter eggs.

Browse on over this way to give it a go.