Blizzard giving South Koreans refunds on Diablo III

Yes yes I know, alright? This is my second news piece on South Korea today, but it’s pure coincidence. Besides, it balances out the somewhat negative tone of this morning’s South Korea article; and I’m all about maintaining balance, which is also, incidentally, the reason I think I’d get on well with Mace Windu.

When Diablo III launched over a month ago, people were clicking “Error 37” notifications more than they were demon hellspawns. This upset many would-be Lord of Terror slayers. It also upset a lot of people in South Korea, which prompted the South Korean government to launch an investigation into Blizzard’s Seoul offices. The result: Blizzard now has to give all who apply, a full refund.

Basically, South Korea has a stringent consumer protection law which stipulates that a customer is entitled to a full refund if there’s a problem with the product that wasn’t caused y the customer. And that pretty much sums up Diablo III.

All players with a character under level 40 are entitled to apply for a refund between the dates of 25 June to 03 July. Furthermore, Blizzard will have to give refunds to anyone who returns the game before they hit level 20; this is now a permanent requirement.

From the sounds of things, if a South Korean player is over level 40 then they’re out of luck for a refund. It’s also not clear whether the person returning the game will still be able to play it, or whether their account will have Diablo III removed.

Hey, doesn’t South Africa also have a shiny, new Consumer Protection Act thing? Just saying.

Source: Eurogamer