Two different triple-game packs spotted online

If you cast your dulling, pixel-infested minds back to January this year (a tall order, I’ll admit) you might remember a Ubisoft triple-pack being outed. The contents of said triple-pack included Beyond Good & Evil HD, From Dust and Outland. Ubisoft refused to comment at the time and the whole thing was pretty much forgotten about.

Amazon UK has just put the Ubisoft triple-pack up for pre-order. There’s also box art! So yes, it’s probably safe to assume that this is now a real thing. It’s pegged 18 squids, which works out to just over R200.You can see the box art after the jump.

Interestingly, the Ubisoft triple-pack is only up for pre-order on Xbox 360. Is this a platform exclusive? Who knows, but there is some good news for PlayStation 3 owners because Twitter super-spy Superannuation spotted a listing for a PlayStation 3 game bundle called Journey. From the sounds of the listing (which has since vanished) it seems as if the Journey pack would cram all three of thatgamecompany’s PSN games onto one delicious Blu-ray disc:  flOw, Flower and Journey.

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