Valve cuts Steam support for XP Service Pack 1

Here’s an interesting fact: steam has over 44 million registered and active users to date. Just over half of all gamers on the platform run Windows 7 64-bit, with XP and Vista trailing by a large margin. There are still users on the service that are running Windows XP with Service Pack 1, filling out less than 1% of the total amount of Windows users on the platform. Valve has announced that it will be cutting support for XP SP1.

If you’re part of that less-than-one-percentile group that still runs an ancient OS with severely outdated software and services, I suggest you pick up your slacks and migrate to Windows 7. Its surely stable enough now that it’s well on its way to Service Pack 2 and if you’re holding out for something I say you can safely quit it. If you’re part of this group of mad individuals, please upgrade to Service Pack 3. That’s at least a better, more stable version of XP and you’ll be happily gaming on that for at least the next two years until the gaming industry decides its time to cut XP out completely.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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