THQ has just announced that the recently-delayed-but-still-totally-coming Darksiders II will be getting enough DLC to warrant a Season Pass. Apparently, getting your customers to throw money at you in advance is becoming rather popular. You pay X amount for a Season Pass and then get all of the game’s DLC for “free” – and by “free” they mean at a slightly reduced cost than if you had to buy each piece individually.

Darksiders II is coming out sometime in August, but there’s already a plan in place to bring three separate DLC offerings. The first DLC pack, called “Argul’s Tomb”, will be released a month after the game ships. THQ has said that everyone who pre-orders the game will be getting this first dose for free irrespective of retailer-specific pre-order incentives. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t get this offer in South Africa as well.

You’ll be able to pick up the Season Pass after the game has launched, however THQ is offering free Season Passes to anyone who pre-orders Darksiders II through the official THQ Shop. The flip side for us in SA is that you’ll be kicked in the nuts for postage, rendering this offer pretty pointless seeing as though you’d probably pay less for the Season Pass anyway. Still, it’s a sign that the somewhat flailing publisher is taking its resurgence pretty seriously.

Source: Shacknews

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