E3 has come. E3 has gone. We were totally there. We did it for you. No really. Look out for our mega-awesome E3 supplement bundled with the August issue of NAG as proof.

In our July issue, we fill you in on the eight coolest things we did while nerding out in glorious Los Angeles. We sneak a peek into the world of eSports, and return with insider info on what it takes to become a true professional gamer. Into the Pixel 2012’s winners make our eyes want to do a little dance in appreciation of beauty-inspired happiness. Dig deeper, and Metro: Last Light will happily reveal its own unique brand of horrifyingly bleak beauty.

Meanwhile, our bursting reviews section waits in shadow, ready to pounce at any moment. It wears the long-lost robes of Diablo, its face contorted in maximum Payne when its mind wanders to memories of heart-stealing dragons. Outfitted with futuristic gadgetry that would make a Future Soldier blush, technology at odds with the rippling sorcerous energies within, it hopes to drag you into the dark waters of its lair. In the distance can be heard the pointing and clicking of an adventurous mouse. Also, Starhawk.

And other such strings of words.

Previews this month are few, but juicy. Dip into the revitalised goodness of Carmageddon: Reincarnation, and let us tell you about this one time we dropped an ARPG into a crater in Europe. Soul Sacrifice demands, uh, sacrifices (of the strangest variety) and Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is Studio Ghibli’s first crack at this whole vidja-games business.

Technology is afoot, and our hardware section proves it. We drive a Call of Duty-branded Jeep for the LOLs and then stand beside it staring contemplatively into the distance while someone takes photos. Perhaps we’re staring lustfully at the two drool-worthy components we’ve just added to our Dream Machine. Or perhaps we’re staring at the excellent pair of pre-built gaming rigs we put through their paces and fell in love with. Perhaps we’re just staring because we’re cool like that. Either way, our hardware section is hot, hot and hot. We also sit in a chair that doubles as a motion controller. We can’t make this stuff up.

If you want all of this plus more, find the July issue of your favourite gaming, computer and technology magazine on store shelves this Thursday, the 26th of June. Keep an eye out for the release of our digital magazine on Zinio as well, where we’ll once again have an alternate bonus cover exclusive for digital whatchamacallits.

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