Sony’s latest update to the console will launch worldwide tomorrow, hitting Eastern-Asia and parts of Europe sometime this afternoon and stretching across the world as servers are populated with the update. 4.20 brings a few usability improvements and some less-anticipated improvements that I’m not sure anyone actually asked for.

You’ll now be able to select multiple save game files at once, simplifying moving save games and backing up to an external drive. The power saver mode has also been improved, (read: adjusted for idiots) now switching the console off after an hour of inactivity. The terrible feedback on compatible wireless headsets has now been fixed, allowing you to adjust the microphone volume level so that your own voice shouting, “Leeeeeeeerooooooooooy!!!!!” doesn’t make you deafer than I already am. You can choose from five volume levels, from whisper quiet to rock-concert highs.

Update: It seems some users are already downloading the update as you read this. If you struggle, its sometimes easier to download the update from Sony’s website, although links for that don’t seem to be live yet.

If you were already using a 5:1 surround sound headset, you would have noticed that even Blu-Ray movies still play in stereo. This is now fixed, allowing for the full audio experience for your headsets. Its still virtual surround, but that’s better than no improvement at all.

Expect the update to hit us tomorrow with a size of around 380MB.

Source: Playstation Blog

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