What is Epic Games’ most profitable game?

Epic Games has been around for a while. During their time they’ve been behind some really big franchises like Unreal and its spin-off Unreal Tournament. That’s not even including this other little franchise you may have come across: Gears of War.

Right this very moment, the Game Developers Conference is happening in Taipei and the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, gave a speech on the future of gaming. During that speech he revealed Epic’s most profitable game to date: Infinity Blade.

It’s not surprising really. In order for something to be extra profitable, it needs to be inexpensively created, and it needs to sell a lot. Infinity Blade was just that kind of title, with Sweeney readily admitting that “in terms of man years invested versus revenue, it’s more profitable than Gears of War.” Coupled with the sequel, Infinity Blade II, the iOS franchise has generated more than $30 million as of January this year.

Source: The Verge

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