Would you like to see the new Mass Effect 3 endings?

Yesterday saw the launch of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a 1.9GB download that attempts to expand on the rather controversial ending to Commander Shepard’s final game. Perhaps you got stuck in right away and have already experienced your expanded closure? Perhaps you had no issue with the initial ending and as such cannot warrant a 1.9GB download or having to play through sections of the game again?

If you fall into the latter group (like me!) then all you need to do is hit the jump to find a collection of all three extended endings. Obviously, once you hit that jump there are all sorts of spoilers, so be warned.

Despite the fact that BioWare essentially released content that expanded on what we already knew, they also managed to sneak in a little surprise: a fourth ending! This brand new ending is based upon you not making a final decision (to control, destroy or synthesise with the Reapers), but instead turning around and shooting that precocious Star Child in the face. You don’t kill him, but you piss him off enough that the Crucible doesn’t actually work. The result is expected, and you can see the repercussions in the last video bellow.