Nvidia’s Geforce 302.82 driver is out if you’re on Windows 8

Its been a while since Nvidia’s driver team has brought out anything for Windows 8. With the Release Preview enjoying a healthy amount of downloads, the green team has decided to release today’s WHQL-tested driver set for Windows 8. If you’re running a GTX670, 680 or 690, please don’t download this. Rather wait until the proper driver release for the final OS where the Adaptive V-Sync issues are sorted.

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There’s not a lot of new stuff in the drivers if you’re on Windows 8.There’s WDDM 1.2 support for Geforce cards starting from the 6000 series, allowing your very, very old Geforce 6100 to still run Aero! Also included in the update is support for Stereoscopic 3D in Metro but you’d need at least a 400-series card to run that reliably. Laptop chipsets are also supported here, so get cracking with the download.

Note that the GT520 still has a few flickering and stuttering issues when you’re using FXAA in apps or games. Nvidia suggests turning that right off and wait for the next driver release before trying out FXAA on that anemic little card again.

Download: Geforce 302.82 driver for 32-bit, 64-bit, read the release notes.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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