I’m in two minds about posting this; I can practically feel my Naivety Skill levelling up by the second just for hoping this might be a glimpse of the long dormant final chapter of Half-Life 2. A website that goes by the name of ValveTime (I’m guessing they take years to post new content then? I kid.) has posted a gallery of supposedly leaked concept art for Episode 3.

The gallery has also been shared via Facebook and it mainly focuses on various concept sketches of Alyx Vance. That being said, there are a couple of other NPC sketches as well as some scenes of a helicopter crash with what could be Gordon and Alyx looking out at a Combine building.

ValveTime claims that these are legit, but they’re pointing towards “an anonymous visitor to the site from an unknown source” so don’t get too excited. Hit the jump to see for yourself.

Now, the images are allegedly from 2008, so even if these ARE legit, it’s possible that Valve has gone in an entirely different direction. Hell, it’s possible Valve has dropped Episode 3 completely. That being said, there are some aspects that make these sketches seem likely: there’s that Combine Advisor in a couple of pictures; the settings are primarily covered in snow, which ties in with previous rumours that Episode 3 would be set in snowy climes; and there’s that helicopter from the end of Episode 2.

If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find all sorts of other telltale signs and reasons to hope that this stuff is real; like the fact that Alyx is wearing Eli’s jacket in one of the sketches. My pessimist take on all of this: fan artists trolling the community. Even if that is the case, the arts really quite lovely. Loads more in the Facebook album; or hit the link below.

Source: ValveTime
Via: Kotaku

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