I reported on Telkom’s planned ADSL upgrades earlier this year, confirming later that the 1Mb and 2Mb/s upgrades were a certainty. DSL 384 subscribers should get bumped up to 1Mb/s and 1Mb/s subscribers will also get a boost to 2Mb/s. I also said that these were free, but it looks like Telkom has backtracked on that, finding yet another way to get more money to keep the upgrades financially profitable.

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So here’s the deal. You’re still getting the upgrades and your ISPs will still absorb the cost of the line upgrades for you, pegged at R8 and R10 respectively, if you have your Telkom line managed by the ISP. This has certain benefits if you’re buying a bundled package, but is is a pain if you’re migrating to another company with better service. That aside though, from August the upgrades are scheduled to be completed and with it some price increases for the consumer.

If you’re a DSL 384 user, you’ll be paying R8.40 more for your line rental and R8 more for your DSL access. All Telkom Residential subscribers will be subject to the extra R8.40 increase, no matter what account you’re on. DSL 1Mb/s users pay an extra R10 more for their DSL access, with 4Mb/s and higher users now being asked to pay an extra R12 over their current rates.

Similar price increases are set for Business DSL users, with phone line rates jumping up by R11.51 and DSL access rates going up by the same amount as residential users. Its debatable whether these upgrades are actually a bad thing, but certainly 4Mb/s users aren’t drawing much benefits from it. Hopefully Telkom’s network revamp will eventually help all 4Mb/s users to attain a higher sync rate, gaining speed and stability boosts thanks to the new Fibre-to-the-curb network rollout.

If, for instance, you’re an MWEB 1Mb/s subscriber, you’re now looking at a total price of R636.37 per month including all rentals. Telkom Uncapped DSL384 users currently pay R510.97 with all line rentals included – after the R16.40 increase that now stands at just under R530, making Telkom the cheapest service provider right off the bat before others have a chance to make their own amends. I’d expect a lot of price wars staring at the end of July as users get slowly upgraded to the new speeds by area. Either way though, together with the rest of my family we’re paying R797.97 per month for uncapped 1Mb/s – staying on the 1Mb/s speeds and the cheaper package means a saving of over R285 per month! If you’re a 1Mb/s Telkom Uncapped subscriber, that’s what I’d suggest you do.

Ironically, Telkom’s 8ta network is actually a better deal than a DSL line right now. If you’re within a 8ta tower and have decent signal, you’re good for their Internet 5 Promo, which gives you 10GB of mobile data at R100 per month. Cover in the cost of a decent modem at, say, R650 and divide that over 24 months and request a second SIM card to be shared on the account, you’re getting DSL-like speed at less than half the price, with voice functionality as well. Quite odd.

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