Next year is shaping up to be a really good one for RTS fans, what with Company of Heroes 2 and now a new Rome game in the works. Recently revealed by developers Creative Assembly, Total War: Rome II will be the next game in the Total War series, with Total War: Shogun 2 being the most previous.

With Rome II, Creative Assembly has nearly doubled their staff contingency, and their budget is 40% larger than usual. This means that Rome II will be “the biggest Total War game yet”. The game will be built on a new graphics engine designed to make full use of the coming generation of graphics cards. Don’t let that put you off, however, as the developer has assured people that the game will be completely scalable.

Rome II will see the return of the turn-based over-world portion of Total War, with individual battles playing out in real-time. Empire management will be tweaked so that you’re making less finicky decisions, but the decisions you do make will have bigger consequences.

New to the game will be the combination of both land and naval warfare. In previous Total War games, naval battles played out separately, but in Rome II you might start off a battle at sea, and fight your way onto land to invade a city.

Another new feature that has already been demonstrated to press is the ability to zoom in to the perspective of an individual soldier, so as to see the battle unfold through his eyes. The aim of this is to bring a human element to each fight, as the scale of battles from a bird’s eye view will be massive. While in first-person mode, you’ll see commanders shouting orders at troops and fellow soldiers freaking out as their allies fall around them. Your men will even try to drag wounded friends to safety.

SEGA will once again be publishing, and Creative Assembly says to expect the game towards the end of 2013.

UPDATE: Now with fancy, live-action reveal trailer!


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