Continuing with the wonderful trend the world has to the ITX market, Cooler Master decided it too needed to join in the fray and has launched the latest chassis in the Elite range for enthusiasts and gamers looking for something a little more premium than your average build but coming in cheaper than anything from Lian Li or Bitfenix.

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The Elite 120 is designed to sit on your desk and offer all the conveniences of a bigger chassis but in the smallest possible box possible. At 24cm wide, 20.7cm high and 40.1cm long, its around the same dimensions as Lian Li’s recently-released PC-Q02 but allows you to use standard-size hard drives and DVD writers. There’s also two front USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 and line out and microphone jacks for your headset. The front of the chassis is finished in brushed aluminium while the rest is SECC-compliant powder-coated steel. You’ll notice vents on the side and the top and you’d wonder how an entire rig fits into something so small.

The chassis can fit in up to four hard drives or SSDs along with an ITX board, a regular-sized power supply and a DVD drive, along with a full-length discrete graphics card for gaming. There’s even enough space for a small aftermarket heatsink like the Cooler Master Gemini. There’s plenty of flexibility in cable management although you’d be far better off using a modular power supply in this case. Inside you’ll see two 120mm intake fans to compensate for the reduced space inside the chassis as well as a 80mm one at the top of the motherboard area to draw air onto the RAM and VRM heatsinks.

The power supply needs to stick out a little at the back otherwise there’d be no room and the chassis would have to be longer. Two 2.5″ HDD trays are shipped with the case and the entire thing is tool-less to boot. If you no longer have use for a DVD drive, it’d be even easier to keep the inside of the chassis tidy by moving the extra cabling into the ODD tray. Speaking of the power supply, its mounted upside-down to draw air from the outside of the chassis and vents it away through its own casing, leaving the airflow inside undisturbed. There should be adequate airflow for just about any GPU you fit inside, but take note that you’re limited to dual-slot coolers only.

Cooler Master expects the Elite 120 to go on sale towards the end of July at a RRP of £44.95 (approx R500). Expect ITX builds to become very popular in the mainstream segment in the next few months.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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