Meet Ouya, the fourth combatant in the console wars

Wow, talk about appearing out of nowhere. The Ouya is a new, $99 console that’s in the concept stages of development. The project originally appeared on AngelList, but that post has since been removed. While a project that’s in the concept stages of development doesn’t ordinarily mean much, what makes this one interesting is the group of people it has behind it.

Oh yes, and the games will all be free.

The device is being designed by Yves Béhar and will run off Android. People who are onboard with the Ouya console include Ed Fries (who worked on the Xbox), Julie Uhrman (who used to work at IGN, but is now this project’s CEO) and Muffi Ghadiali (who helped Amazon launch the Kindle). Another really interesting point is that everyone who buys one of these things will get a dev kit to make games for it. Anyone who knows how will be able to develop for the Ouya. As for the hardware itself, it’s being “built to be hacked” according to the original listing. Sounds rather interesting, doesn’t it?

Source: The Verge