Final Fantasy VII is coming to PC – again

OK I’m just going to get this out of the way right now: I’ve never played Final Fantasy VII. Despite this, I know the game is kind of a big deal, and that it’s the Final Fantasy that EVERYONE waxes lyrical about when discussing the series. As such, this news is probably awesome for, like, a bajillion of you. Heck, it’s good news for me too because now I might actually get around to playing the game.

Square Enix originally ported FF VII to the PC about a year after it debuted on the original PlayStation. The port was not without some issues, especially during FMV scenes. Now, however, Square Enix is re-re-releasing the game as a PC download via their online store.

The new PC version of Final Fantasy VII looks like it’s been given another facelift. It’ll also pack with it 36 achievements for you to collect, along with a whole social aspect with online profiles. There will also be cloud-based game saves so you can pick up and play anywhere on a PC with an internet connection. Square Enix is also adding something called a “Character Booster”, which sounds suspiciously like an option to pay to upgrade your character.

The game is currently listed as “coming soon”. Minimum system requirements have been provided so that you can start saving cash for your upgrade:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
2GHz Processor or faster
DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

Sounds like most people’s toasters will be able to run it then.

Via: Destructoid

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