If you’re looking for something extra to add to your rig to give it a personal touch, there’s a myriad of options online that you can look at. Some people pain their chassis, others mod it and some even sticky-tape a banana to the side. NZXT thinks that it can help chip in too and instead of spending your hard-earned cash on neon lighting that you may or may not like somewhere down the line, the company has a LED controller with a mixture of three primary colours for you to choose from.

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Of course, those three primary colours are the ones you see in stores with LED fans – red, green and blue. Because there’s not a lot of choice in mixing and matching without having your setup look garish. The controller ships with a few LED strips that you stick to various places in your chassis for the best lighting effects. They have the three colour modes available, as well as a thousand others as a result of mixing a matching colours to get the exact hue you want.

The Hue features LEDs on the front as well between the buttons which change to match the colour mode you’re using. There’s the options to turn off the LEDs, choose from default light shows like pulsating or fading effects and you can also adjust the colour intensity and the brightness levels. Its pretty cool and I can certainly see a lot of people using one.

NZXT says that the Hue LED controller is available in retail channels now for the princely sum of $32.99 (around R280). If you’re not into the AMBX lights NAG Magazine recently reviewed in the July issue, this is far cheaper and easier to pick up and set up.

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