With Nvidia’s GTX670 doing a lot of beating other similarly priced cards in benchmarks lately, AMD has been working on a comeback to entice people to their side of the camp. The company is working on a Radeon HD7950 Ghz Edition, which will ship with a default clock of 1Ghz for the core. This is to counter the GTX670 and the upcoming GTX660Ti, both strong contenders for the mainstream segment.

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The Ghz Edition of the HD7950 will be priced around the $400 mark to combat the price drops of the GTX670 as more units arrive in stores and will retain all the features of the original card, including 3GB of DDR5 RAM, 1792 shaders, 32 ROPs and a 384-bit bus. Just like the HD7970 Ghz Edition that I reported on, the HD7950 Ghz will likely come with a revised version of AMD’s Powertune software as well as a customised BIOS. Just like the HD7970, you won’t be able to flash your card to a Ghz edition off the bat, as the new version has adjusted sensors for the overclocking and will have a slightly tweaked board design.

In addition, there’ll be a number of reference boards based on the reference Ghz edition that will be sold as regular HD7950s. In that case, finding one of those cards and flashing it for the extra performance will be possible and it’ll be interesting to see how many people are brave enough to do it. As for the final performance gains, looking at graphs of a recent review of the Gigabyte Windforce GTX670, you’ll notice that in most popular titles the HD7950 trails only by a small margin in most benchmarks, suggesting that a 1Ghz core clock may help close that gap considerably. It may not end up beating the GTX670, but the price-performance ratio will definitely be more favourable.

Final pricing and availability hasn’t yet been revealed, but its expected that the HD7950 Ghz Edition will go on sale shortly next month.

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