Tomorrow Corporation is an indie team made up of three guys – they’re making a new indie title called Little Inferno, which has just been given a trailer that’s imbued with the catchiest of catchy theme tunes. On top of the trailer being super-duper cute, it’s also terrifyingly creepy. In fact, the entire game is rather disturbing because you have to burn children’s toys on a “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace”.

The gist is that the world has become really cold and nobody knows why. In order to keep the children from freezing to death, you need to keep their fire going by burning all their toys. It’s all pretty macabre – especially when the children’s toys start screaming as the catchy theme tune reaches its crescendo.

If you’ve played the indie gem World of Goo or Nintendo DS game Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, then you’ll be familiar with the work of two blokes behind Little Inferno. Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth), along with Allan Blomquist, are all busy beavering away on this project. Hit the jump for the trailer.


The game is now accepting beta signups, but you have to essentially pre-order the title. That’ll set you back $15, but if you cannot wait to find out exactly what this game entails, it’ll probably be the best $15 you spend.

Little Inferno will eventually be out on PC, Mac, iOS and Wii U.

Source: Tomorrow Corporation
Via: Joystiq

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