Epic’s Fortnite a PC exclusive, their first UE4 game

Right this moment, the San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. As is the norm, quite a bit of gaming news manages to trickle out from the geek-encrusted halls that are festooned with all manner of nerdy wonders. For example: Epic Games is at Comic-Con, and they just held a panel to discuss their upcoming game Fortnite.

Originally announced at the Spike TV Video Game Awards towards the end of last year, Fortnite marks a decided shift in tone for Epic. Cartoony looks and bright colours are here to replace the grimy, rather colourless vibe of their more recent Gears of War series. Fortnite is kind of a mash-up of different game genres. You and your team have to scavenge parts and materials to build a fort; you then need to defend the fort against the creepy monsters that attack you at night. Think Minecraft meets Team Fortress 2.

It’s now been revealed that the whole thing is running on the shiny new Unreal Engine 4, which explains that gorgeous screenshot in the header. It’ll also be Epic’s first game to market that runs on their new graphics engine. What’s more, the game is heading to PC only because according to Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski, “Next-gen’s here. It’s been here. It’s a high-end PC.”

Shortly after the panel ended, Bleszinski took to Twitter to seemingly remind people that PC is the “primary” platform for Fortnite. Because the game is inherently running on the UE4 engine, it’s not possible to run it on current consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Still, according to Bleszinski, “[Epic] wouldn’t rule out the possibility of other platforms later”.

In other words: until such time as Microsoft and Sony get around to unveiling their next-gen consoles, Fortnite is a PC exclusive.

Source: Joystiq 1, 2 and 3

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