Previously featured in the Humble Indie Bundle, Revenge of the Titans is best described as Plants vs. Zombies meets Command & Conquer in a wonderfully silly hybrid between tower defense and real-time strategy.

The Titans are a race of mindless, hulking aliens with glowing eyes who are hell-bent on invading and destroying Earth. The human race was able to defeat them in the initial attack, but now they’re back in ever-greater numbers with a score to settle.

The gameplay consists of defending your base against the alien onslaught. This is achieved by placing weapons along the path of the invading hordes, as well as building barricades, deploying battle droids and managing resources. Refining crystals and applying for cash grants will mean the difference between success and becoming a stain on the feet of the aliens. Revenge of the Titans features a rather complex technology tree, with a new tech available for research before the beginning of each round.

Understanding which technology to research may require a bit of trial-and-error, though, so be prepared to take a bit of punishment. Your dire situation is helped somewhat by the power-ups that spawn randomly on the battlefield during play. You’ll need every bit of help you can get, particularly when you have to deal with the occasional Megatitan: a colossal brute who can tear through your defenses and crush your base with virtually no effort. Later levels are especially brutal and will tax your reflexes and patience.

The visuals feature a unique, “pixelated HD” style which gives the game a retro-yet-fresh, vibrant look. The sounds serve their purpose, although it isn’t anything special. The dialogue is nonsensical “blah-blah” and the text is rather humorous.

If you’re either an RTS or tower defense junkie, Revenge of the Titans will appeal to you. However, be prepared for occasional frustration.

Command your browser to invade this link in order to secure the demo. Mac and Linux users can also get a taste of the action.

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