The Last of Us introduces a new character

Oh Naughty Dog, when will you stop teasing us with such glorious trailers and give us this game already? Here’s another cut-scene trailer for their upcoming action survival game The Last of Us. We’ve seen quite a few of these already, and I’m starting to wonder if there’ll be any cut-scenes in the final game that we haven’t seen.

We get to meet a new character called Bill. Bill owes protagonist Joel a favour – the details of which aren’t elaborated in the trailer. Still, Bill is kind of reluctant to help Joel and Ellie. It’s a neat scene for capturing the human element of this disaster: Bill and Joel clearly have history, but that’s not enough to make Bill forthcoming in aiding the two lead characters.

Trailer’s after the jump; turn down the volume because there’s some NSFW language courtesy of young Ellie. Quite a potty-mouth on that girl.


If you happened to miss the first showing of actual gameplay, then you can find that over here.