AMD announced several price cuts to cards in its Radeon HD7000 family on Monday, dropping the prices altogether from the launch price by almost $100 – a big drop for any product, much less a graphics card. In the even that the GTX660Ti managed to give the Radeon HD7950 a hiding, AMD has covered its bases using the newly revised pricing and is planning for any eventuality that Nvidia might throw at it in the coming months.

There’s still no word of general availability of the new Ghz editions of the HD7970 and HD7950, even though its nearly a month now since the announcement of the former card. You may find that a lot of online retailers have already adjusted their prices to reflect the changes – this was because the announcements were made internally and through distributors for the retail sector to pick up before the company announced them itself. Its a good sign that AMD is taking this recent price war very seriously. And yes, you’re still getting free games with AMD’s Three for Free promotion.

Source: Anandtech

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