More LEGO CUUSOO news, this time of the Portal IP variety. On 28 June 2012, a group of LEGO and Portal enthusiasts, who call themselves “Brickthing”, launched a campaign to bring LEGO versions of Chell and GLaDOS to life. Regular NAG Online readers will know that in order for a fan-made LEGO set to become a reality, the set needs to get 10, 000 supporters – something the Portal LEGO set just managed to do.

Now that the support is there, the project (which for now is called “Thinking with Portals!”) moves on to the dreaded Review stage. During this stage, a “LEGO Jury” (as the LEGO company refers to it) scrutinises the project: “We’ll build concept models, put them in our test chamber, bake them, and determine if the concept meets our high standards for what it takes to be a LEGO product,” said an official LEGO response to the Portal project. The next Review period begins this September.

If the Portal project makes it out of the Review stage and gets given the green light, then it moves on to the Development phase; a phase that LEGO says takes the longest.

The designs provided by Brickthing (and there are quite a few, so be sure to check out the source link) are by no means the possible final products; it’ll be up to the LEGO design teams to finalise that sort of thing. That being said, there’s still no promise that this project will be allowed because another very important voice in the whole matter is yet to chime in: Valve’s. Even if the LEGO Jury approves the set, Valve could refuse the idea. It’d be surprising if they did shutdown the project because, well, they’re kind of a cool company.

We’ll keep an eye on things to keep you posted, but also mainly because we’re huge dorks who still think LEGO is awesome.

Source: CUUSOO
Via: Gamespot

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