Lian Li is one of those brands that never produces anything boring. The company just announced another one of its extremely tall chassis that could be used as a server (in fact it even looks like one) and would be one of those things that’s very difficult to steal without someone noticing that you’re carrying a PC thats about as tall as a small menhir.

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The monster you see before you is called the PC-X2000FN and is one of Lian Li’s biggest chassis to date. Based on old server chassis made in the early 90’s, the X2000FN is 693mm tall and 240mm wide. The chassis uses compartment for separate hardware with airflow neatly divided into those compartments. The motherboard tray supports any size up to eATX and possibly even some BTX boards with plenty of cable management behind the panel holding the motherboard.

The chassis supports up to seven hot-swappable drives in the 3.5″ bays, four of those are located at the top while the remaining three are in the bottom compartment. The 5.25″ drive cages are sideways-mounted with the drive ejectors facing to the left side of the chassis. The power supply fits into the bottom cage and supports any size PSU up to 230mm in length. There’s enough headroom for the largest CPU fans and graphics cards up to 340mm in length are supported. The chassis also features ten PCI expansion slots, giving you plenty of flexibility with how you want to organise things inside.

The front of the chassis is bare with vents in the left side for the three 120mm fans in the front. The top of the chassis plays host to the front-panel USB 3.0 and audio ports as well as featuring the power and reset buttons. Lian Li provides power cable extensions for the top components and there’s also a built-in fan controller on the inside of the chassis to control the five fans included by default. What’s really great is that due to the compartmentalised nature of the chassis, the top drive cages can be removed to make space for top-mounted water cooling radiators. If you look at the metal column running up the side of the chassis to the right in the interior picture, you’ll notice pre-drilled mounting holes for extra radiators.

All in all, its looks very, very impressive and I doubt that any reviewer will give this chassis anything less than 10/10 or an Editor’s Choice award. Lian Li says the chassis is immediately available and retails for a suggested $499 (approx R4000). You can have it in any colour you want, so long as its black.

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